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Dermatocosmetic Symposium 🅑🅔🅐🅤🅣🅨 🅦🅞🅜🅐🅝

14 and 15 MAY 2022, Marinela Hotel, Sofia you can meet part of our team.

We will be happy to show you our latest products.

We thank the team for organizing the exhibition for the invitation.


Studio Mania 

by  Katia Raykova

Style, beauty, professionalism, all in one place.

Katya Raykova has been a manicurist and teacher since 1999. During her professional career she has gone through many

trainings in the country, Europe and America, has gained experience from world names in the industry, several participations in competitions

with victories and prizes, has also judged in several competitions in Slovenia and Croatia and was technical director

in America. In America she was invited to join the NewYorkFashionWeek manicure team

of reviews of world brands and designers.

Milin Kamak Street 13

1164 Sofia


Secret Spa 

Escape from everyday life at Secret Spa and enjoy facial therapies, deep tissue, classic or why not a hammam massage. Get rid of negative emotions by the pool or in the jacuzzi with a cup of coffee or wine, and melt all the worries in the steam bath or sauna.

Phone: 00359  877 335 533

Str. Eagle 13

1407 Sofia


Maison Blanche Gallery

by Ani Stoyancheva - Hair Stylist 

An absolute professional who will not misunderstand you and will make sure that you get exactly the styling you have imagined and all this with love for the smallest detail.  

Gurguliat Street 8

1142 Sofia


Pretty Lab - Beauty Studio

Since 2009, the Pretty Lab beauty center provides its customers with the opportunity to always be beautiful and healthy.  All specialists performing face and body procedures have special education and are constantly improving their professional knowledge and skills.

Oborishte Street 86

1505 Sofia




Maxi - Pharma Kondova

Boulevard Knyaz Boris 1, Number 6

9000 Varna


Crazy Angels Hair & Beauty Studio

Trust the professionalism at Crazy Angels beauty studio  


Acad. Stefan Mladenov ”9,

1700 Student City, Sofia

Da Vesi Pomorie

Da Vesi - Hairdresser - Fire Cut

Specialist in styling and cutting hair with fire - one of the few in the country offering this service.


Street Bulgaria 23

8200 Pomorie


Pavla Beauty&Healt by Pavlina Dulic 

Restoration and maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin. An approach to natural skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. Professional consultation and individual programs for treatment, cosmetic and aesthetic skin care. Diagnosis and treatment of acne.

Skin diagnosis and recommendations for the right cosmetic products.

Phone: 00359 88 264 2553

Kestenova gora 26

1404 1404 Strelbishte, Sofia


Rhea Beauty 

Enjoy professional facial treatments. Beauty salon in the heart of Varna.

Phone: 00359 896 596 942

30 Buxton Brothers Street 

9000 Varna


BF 23 Beauty Factory by Jasmina Jeleva

As a beauty factory, we believe and cherish the natural beauty in each one of us. We are all unique and different and that is exactly what makes us beautiful. Our job as professionals is to highlight this individual beauty by immersing you in a different atmosphere in our, your FACTORY ! 

106 Nishava Street, Sofia and 

BF23 Premium on Mladost Street 4 Bl. 485. 


 Aura - Euro Institute of Beauty and Cosmetology by Dr. Svetlana Uzunova

Modern cosmetology - mixture of science and art. Here, in addition to professional treatment and care for your skin, you can also receive education at a very high level.

European Institute of Beauty and Cosmetics successfully trains students for a period of 6 years. One of the most prestigious educational centers in Eastern Europe, has the right to issue EUROPASS certificates, which are a universal tool of education throughout the European Union and do not need additional confirmation of their qualification.

 Under the guidance of doctors, experienced professionals in their field, the institute prepares students with the highest European standards.

49 Radost St. А 

9000 Varna 


Multumo Beauty 

A spirit of femininity and beauty, pleasant conversations and the aroma of refined cosmetic products, care and professional attitude is the business card of the Multimo Beauty salon. For every woman, a beautiful vision is one of the strongest weapons and one of her most valuable investments. Taking some time and pampering yourself with the services we offer is a great idea to unwind from everyday duties and responsibilities. To make your choice even richer, we have prepared for you a large number of services in the field of massages and cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for the face and body. Whatever you choose you will be satisfied with your visit

Solun Street 55

1680 Sofia 


Beauty salon Iv

Here you will find quality products, combined with a professional attitude and a cozy atmosphere.

A combination that guarantees the smile of every customer. 

Radost 9 A 

9000 Varna 


Spa Center Escape 

Located in the heart of the city of Ruse, Escape Spa will surprise you with its many different procedures. Here, every wish will be professionally fulfilled, so that you look forward to your next visit.

5 "Dobrudzha" str

7000 Ruse


Medical and cosmetic center Borex 

Established more than 35 years ago. Specialists with only medical education work here. The center offers cosmetic procedures for women, children and men with high-tech and European recognized medical equipment. The guiding principles of their work are to help people improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem without harming their skin. They have satisfied customers from their procedures already from the third generation - grandmothers, mothers and now their daughters. 

88 "Bulgaria" Blvd., Manastirski Livadi quarter,

1404 Sofia

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