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Gold Facial Toner


Based on 24K Gold, this refreshing toner is your gold print beauty to restore and maintain young and radiant skin. The gold contained in the toner stimulates the cell growth of the epidermis by regenerating tight skin cells. Gold also blocks moisture, increases collagen levels in the skin and prevents the breakdown of elastin. Vitamin E, combined with Dead Sea water, helps rehydrate the skin and neutralize surface impurities. The tonic is also enriched with elastin, a vital protein that maintains the elasticity of your skin and improves sagging skin. Pearl powder contains about 18 amino acids that promote the formation of collagen and protein, stimulating skin renewal. Vitamin A and C protect the skin from environmental radicals. Borage oil is rich in Omega 6, which contains essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin. The soothing properties of cucumber extract help reduce puffiness of the skin.



Using a cotton swab, clean the face and neck twice a day after cleansing

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