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Empire LED Eye Device
New Generation

Light Therapy - Eye Device New Generation

LED color therapy, galvanic ions and vibrating massager for a younger look. LED light helps skin regeneration as well as promotes collagen production. The LED Eye device has proven effectiveness. For the first time on the Bulgarian market, Empire Tech - a global leader in LED therapies, both for personal and professional use. 

Specially developed care for the eye contour:

visibly reduces wrinkles, lightens dark circles and rejuvenates instantly. It stimulates the blood circulation and with the help of the cold blue light it successfully combats the extraction of water (bags).


It is also an extremely convenient machine - it automatically turns on as soon as it reaches the face.


All Empire Tech devices are medical devices that are recommended by dermatologists, clinically tested and absolutely safe, and do not have any side effects. They are especially suitable for sensitive, problem skin and people with allergies who cannot even use any cosmetics.  

Detailed information about LED Light Therapy you can find here

empire tech eye machine
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