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Skin Care Tips

Beauty-Tips 🦋

A facial care routine is the most important ingredient for flawless skin. Of course, it takes a little time to develop, but once you find a routine you like, stick to it. 

In the morning, the skin is prepared for make-up, and in the evening it is cleansed of make-up and impurities. And who knows, with the right skin care you might not even need makeup after a while... 

For radiant, healthy, wrinkle-free skin, proper facial care is the most important thing 🌿

Match your care with the season: When it gets colder again, your skin dries out faster and cracks, so you should use richer creams in winter than in summer.

Always wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning. Hot water destroys the skin's natural fat layer and dries it out. 

The evening routine is extremely important. Don't miss it and don't go to bed with makeup on. 

Ice helps you reduce any kind of swelling and redness and gives your face a fresh look. Also great: Put your moisturizer in the fridge - it gives your skin a cool feeling. 


Proper nutrition is extremely important for your skin! Excessive consumption of sugar and greasy fast food are a No Go. Rather, lots of vegetables and foods with saturated fat.

If you have problem skin, make sure your towel is washed regularly or you'll be rubbing bacteria back into your face when drying it.

❗Do not use cosmetic products that contain parabens. 

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