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Свободни позиции


Are you talented and motivated? Then apply. As a sales representative we are looking for you. With us you have the opportunity to expand or build up your own network. You are your own boss in a non-competitive area and show us what you can do.

Our cosmetic products are among the best internationally and are therefore presented in a classy way. This should also be your character. You are not only the contact person for the first contact, but also for all further inquiries and you take care of your customer base with all your heart.

Contact for CV:

Free position for the team in Switzerland


We are looking for a talented and motivated Sales Representative to present the brand properly in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and contribute with his professional attitude to new partners or the so-called B2B consultant. Swiss-German at level B2 is a plus, and German at level C1 is a mandatory requirement for the position.


Contact for CV:

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